Can you do balance transfers with a Sears Credit Card? Yes, that is if you have the rewards card which offers you special discounts. If you do have the regular sears card you are offered exciting offers every month without being charged any interest. There is no interest charged onto items that are categorized as big ticket as long as you pay for these items in full within 1-2 years.

Doing Balance Transfer

You can do balance transfers with a Sears credit card but only if you don’t miss any of your monthly payments. There are special deals as well- such as getting 5% off of all the appliances in the store and even using the sears credit card for a whole year without being charged interest.

Gaining Rewards

If you have already obtained a sears MasterCard then you have the eligibility to purchase and gain rewards which can be redeemed to you through gift cards that are sent out or if you make enough online purchases. There isn’t an excessive amount of information on these rewards when you purchase your Sears credit card, which is why you should look at which type of account you’re getting before you use it. If you choose to do balance transfers with a Sears’s credit card you have to make sure that you are not doing it excessively.

Is There a Difference between the Sears MasterCard and the Rewards Card?

The Sears MasterCard is different from the rewards card because it is only allowed for us at Sears’s affiliates – such as, Kmart, Orchard Supply, Land’s End and a few other shops – such as Avis. If you choose to use your card at these places there may be monthly provider fees which aren’t very high.

Customers may ask if they can do balance transfers with their Sears card but an amount that is invalid or if they haven’t used the card enough. You cannot do balance transfers if you haven’t charged enough onto your Rewards card or your MasterCard. The interest rate on the Rewards card is a bit higher than it is on the MasterCard. There are places in which you can use shop for the rewards that you get from your card – such as the ShopDiscover Online Mall which offers various items, appliances, media accessories etc. Not only can you get 5% back on purchases that you make with Land’s end but you may qualify for eligible purchase rewards from the store.

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