Sears Choice Rewards give you the chance to enjoy any merchandise rewards like Home and Garden, Accessories, Perfume and Jewelry, Clothes, Tools. There are even Travel and Recreation rewards. When you enter the rewards program, you are entitled to earn points for each purchase you make using you card. Sears Choice Rewards gives different options to its members on how they want to enjoy their accumulated Sears reward points redeem and use them to earn the reward they prefer.

The program gives the card holder a chance to earn points while shopping, eating out or staying in the hotels, traveling somewhere, etc. You can check the balance of your points earned on the website or get in touch with their customer care. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn every year. Keep in mind that the validity of these points remains valid for 3 years. It is always better to remain alert and redeem your points while they are still valid as unused points are not refunded or carried forward. Keep checking the website for any latest updates.

Sears choice rewards

If you are a part of the Sears Choice Rewards Select Program, you have to pay a yearly fee but you will be earning two points for every dollar you spend. But in case you are not he member, then you will earn 1 point for spending 1 dollar. Besides this, there are certain other limitations for non-members he Points earned can be redeemed through any of the following choices:

• Special rewards, and
• Lands’ End rewards
• Gift card rewards
• Travel rewards
• Merchandise rewards

In order to cash in the Sears Choice Rewards points, you need to follow some simple steps. First of all you need to gather a minimum of 2500 Sears Choice Reward Points. This is the minimum one should have so as to redeem your points and enjoy the rewards. So try to collect a minimum of these so as to take advantage. There is no way you can buy more points. The only way to boost their number is to make additional purchases using your Sears card. You can always access your reward options before choosing an item. These different reward options are listed on the Sears Choice Rewards Website. You can look under different categories like recreation, gift cards, travel, tool etc. Exact point values are listed just below each of the reward options so that you will know how many points you will need for a certain reward.

Once you think you have the required number of points, you can go ahead and pick your Sears Choice Rewards. Exchange the points available with you for the product or item of your liking. You just need to click on the item to redeem your points and enjoy Sears Choice Rewards. The item will get added automatically to your shopping cart. Once your shopping is over for your chosen reward items, you can then review your virtual shopping cart to see if everything is in order. For example, you need to be sure if your email, contact number and shipping address is in order. In case there are some concerns or issues, you can get in touch with Sears customer service representative who will handle all your queries right away. You will also need to speak to their representative for assistance, when redeeming travel rewards.

As the Sears Choice Rewards do not carry any monitory value, you cannot convert them to any other rewards plan. You earn the points after Card Account billing statement and must have a minimum of 2,500 points to cash in for a gift. Different gifts will of course need different number of points. For instance, a Bissell Cleanview Vacuum will cost you 13,600 Points while for the Ultimate Tool Box, you need to spend 3,300 Points. If any of these gifts get lost or stolen, then they are not replaceable. But in case you find the gift defective, then you can get in touch with the Service Center to solve the issue.Go ahead and take advantage of Sears Choice Rewards program, allowing its cardholders to take home reward points for each dollar used by them.

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